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Every home is a canvas of memories waiting to be painted. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for creating living spaces that transcend expectations, we have been at the forefront of the real estate industry for over two decades. Our journey is one of transforming bricks and mortar into havens of comfort, style, and sustainability.

As a team deeply rooted in both tradition and innovation, we invite you to explore our story, our values, and our unyielding dedication to crafting not just houses, but homes where dreams flourish and futures are shaped. Welcome to the heart of Goa’s real estate excellence.

Who We Are

our story
New Era Group is an esteemed real estate development firm that excels in creating innovative, sustainable, and luxurious living spaces. With a focus on fostering community and enhancing lifestyles. New Era Group’s journey began in the aggregate sector, where it established a solid foundation by supplying high-quality materials to prestigious projects, including the Indira Gandhi International Airport, among other renowned companies.
After years of financing and collaborating with leading companies in the sector, we recognized an opportunity to channel our passion and expertise into real estate. Motivated by the potential to innovate and driven by a vision to craft spaces that reflect our values and aspirations, we decided to embark on this new path.
New Era Group has become synonymous with quality and excellence in the real estate sector. The company has recently expanded its operations into Goa, where it has launched distinct projects, each designed to offer unique living experiences.

Brand History

Mistura Villa

New Era Group is one of the fastest growing Group of companies, Serving India across Infrastructure, hospitality, Real estate, and mining industry. Founded by brothers Mr. Gaurav Verma & Mr. Gautam Verma in 1998, New Era Group positively influences the life of both urban and rural society.

The company has integrated its operations by setting up development solutions sector wise and aligning processes, systems and skill to provide innovative solutions for every requirement. The ‘New Era Group’ has established overwhelming popularity and notable identity in the domain of infrastructure development and is driven by quality and setting benchmark to be looked upon.

Every aspect of its business—project planning, land identification and acquisition/partnership, regulatory compliance/governmental liaison, construction, sales and marketing and maintenance—is carried out as per strictly defined processes. These ensure strict adherence to the highest standards of quality.

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